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If your plans are part of a strong company continually growing, this is your company.

Grupo Disfrimur S.L. the main asset is its people. Our will is generally a climate and an attractive project for our professionals to be in the company, showing their potential and abilities, and that depends on your motivation and future success of the Company.

So if you have an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, we offer opportunities for professional and personal growth in many different areas within the Company.

For us education is a fundamental pillar to support the professional and personal, providing our employees with additional training necessary for them to realize their full potential.

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Our selection process

In Grupo Disfrimur S.L., the search and recruitment of professionals is continuous testing it have a department for selection in human resources in personnel selection.

What is the purpose of the selection process?

Analyze the adequacy of each of the / as candidates / as to the competency profile of the post you wish to choose.

What is?

We design each selection process based on the characteristics of the position we want to cover.
Broadly, the process involves specific tests of the post and a personal interview with one of our technical team.
The last phase consists of an interview with the person directly responsible for your place, with whom you can exchange information and learn first hand the characteristics of the activity you are going to develop.