Disfrimur uses an advanced fleet management system, integrated with your ERP, which allows the company to optimize both costs and manage their fleet in an efficient way.

The company can see from the ERP itself the last position of a vehicle, route and tachograph kilometers between two dates, options to facilitate administrative and billing tasks by centralizing in one program all the information on the vehicles.

The vehicles are located 24 hours, knowing the routes and stops made, if they have deviated from the planned route, knowing if they have met the established schedules, receiving notices arrival at destination or sending messages to drivers through embarked browser. Thus Disfrimur manages their daily transportation and reduces communications costs.

The traffic department also used this online tool to manage conducted hours and hours of driving according to current regulations available, setting the next breaks to be performed by each driver, who also displays this information in your browser shipped.

The remote download of tachograph data and driver cards is done automatically, with moving vehicles without driver intervention, so Disfrimur not only saves on mileage expenses but also optimizes its resources.

In Disfrimur we strive to make an increasingly sustainable transport and the environment. Therefore we analyze actions that generate unnecessary fuel expense in the driving style of each of our drivers, communicate and corrected by training in efficient driving technique and real-time alerts on driving style in the cabin itself.

With this system we not only reduce the environmental footprint of each truck, but also save fuel.