The Company

About Us

Disfrimur is a private, Spanish, family-owned company, dedicated to transport and logistics, which has its own fleet equipped with the most innovative technology and which circulates throughout the national territory, transporting all kinds of food-related and great consumption.



Business Objectives

Disfrimur's objectives are based on offering transport services with the highest quality, at the most competitive cost and in the shortest possible time. To guarantee their achievement, the quality and continuous improvement of our services, we have implemented different management systems, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or Compliance, which help to identify, monitor and improve the different areas of the company to make our goals come true.



A company committed to its customers, to society and to its safe, efficient and sustainable transport model.

In their desire to contribute to the personal and professional development of workers, supporting their commitment to society and the environment, by carrying out actions that improve their social environment.

Disfrimur, continues on its way to reach the set goal which is to become an invisible company for the environment. Measure to reduce and finally compensate.